MediaTainment Finance

Issue 13

Issue 13

  • Date: 2017-03-20


THE NETHERLANDS: A significant portion of the geographical landscape might be below sea level, but when it comes to international business, digital-savvy citizens and creative vitality, the Netherlands more than rises to the occasion

HIDE & SEEK: Melding Internet-delivered digital games with outdoor games needs ingenuity; this London/New York games designer has succeeded in doing so and insists online-video entertainment could learn a great deal from its techniques

LIBERTY MEDIA: It is almost impossible to know whether the inscrutable John Malone loves watching TV, listening to music, or going to concerts. But the US billionaire mogul’s international corporation makes a lot of money out of them

THE BILLION DOLLAR BLAST: Maurice Samuel, new chief economist at UK copyright organisation PRS for Music, analyses the millions of Internet-propelled data needed to protect rights owners’ income. But if money were no object, carnivals, foreign-language movies and exotic travel would be among his indulgences

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