MediaTainment Finance

Issue 22

Issue 22

  • Date: 2017-03-20


CHINA: the beguiling Communist behemoth is flirting with big-scale capitalism while still embracing deep-rooted censorship. The in-depth report on China’s TV, film, music, advertising, books, print media, video games, live entertainment, and tech sectors, plus how they are impacted by the issues surrounding weak copyright law

EPIDEMIC SOUND: the start-up rattling the century’s old legacy of music production while enabling composers to make a steady living. The full creative Q&A interview

YAHOO! INC: is the global has-been conglomerate turning into a comeback kid? And can CEO Marissa Mayer turn the financially troubled pioneering web portal into a tech media power to match Google and Apple? The full corporate profile

CREATIVE COMMENTARY: Following a trade mission to China in October, Steve Davies, CEO of the UK’s Advertising Producers Association, explains how the organisation’s members of TV commercial producers have successfully made inroads into the Asian economic superpower

In the Full Edition Discover… New Digests: The Latest Investments in the Creative Sectors: Film, TV, music, architecture/ design, out-of-home entertainment, books/print, ads & marketing, sport, games, fashion/luxury, photography/art, copyright.

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