MediaTainment Finance

Issue 26

Issue 26

  • Date: 2017-03-20


HONG KONG: The small Asian territory is torn between its status as a capitalist success story and its rulers in Communist-led Mainland China. But it remains dynamic in the international creative, media and entertainment spaces. The regional report

SIXTH MEDIA: This company’s founder/CEO Dean James first made a name for himself as co-founder of MAMA Group, one of the most exciting live music operations to come out of the UK. Then, that gig imploded. He has re-emerged with bright new ambitions for international live music and arts. The creative Q&A interview

NETFLIX, INC.: It was a mere US-only DVD rental company when Netflix pivoted into the biggest streaming TV platform. Read how all hell broke loose when it invested in movies and TV shows… and created hits. The full corporate profile

CREATIVE COMMENTARIES – MUSIC: UK singer/songwriter Imogen Heap and Los Angeles-based Farhad Mohit, CEO of emerging social story-telling platform Flipagram, discuss the conflicting views of music and artists’ value

MTF DIARY: international media and entertainment events

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