MediaTainment Finance

Issue 28

Issue 28

  • Date: 2017-03-20

EXCLUSIVE REPORT – INVESTMENT IN NEXT GEN (e)SPORTS: interviews with and contributions from industry experts in esports, electric-car motorsports, plus Eurosport’s ambitions for top-flight rights – from the Olympics to drone racing

AMAZON INC.: We deconstruct, the tech goliath, to understand how it could become the world’s biggest media-and-entertainment behemoth during the next decade

ZOOMIN.TV: Multiplatform digital video network Zoomin.TV has discovered it makes videos good at reaching and retaining the loyalty of difficult, hard-to-get Generation Z audiences

MEXICO: Made-in-Mexico telenovelas, movies and other video entertainment are watched in more than 1 billion homes worldwide. There is only the small matter of drug lords, political corruption and piracy holding the country back

MTF DIARY: Dates and locations of global media and entertainment events

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