MediaTainment Finance

Issue 30

Issue 30

  • Date: 2017-03-20


EXCLUSIVE REPORT – NEXT-GEN ADVERTISING CREATIVITY: Research and interviews in our Creative Commentaries section explore why the era of tech-packed programmatic advertising does not spell the death knell for ad-agency creatives

UNIT9: An exclusive interview with Yifei Chai, the Innovation Architect and Creative Director at UK avant-garde media-production house UNIT9, as he gives his unique but logical views on the influence science, immersive media and other new-tech developments are having on marketing creativity, and why humans and AI have more in common than we realise. Oh, he’s also fascinated by witchcraft

MTF DIARY: international media and entertainment events

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In the Full Edition Discover… New Digests: The Latest Investments in the Creative Sectors: Film, TV, music, architecture/ design, out-of-home entertainment, books/print, ads & marketing, sport, games, fashion/luxury, photography/art, copyright.

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