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COMPETITION: MUSIC RIGHTS WITHOUT FIGHTS is the must-read book for anyone who cares about the use of cost-efficient legal popular music in professional video content. Win a free copy….now!


MUSIC RIGHTS WITHOUT FIGHTS is for creative people who cherish the creative use of music in professional film and videos, including TV and online commercials.

WHY YOU SHOULD OWN THIS BOOK:  Without the music soundtracks, TV commercials or any audio-visual works have no emotional punch. But there are brand owners who have lost multi-million dollar lawsuits for not having the appropriate music licence for their commercials. 

The financial and creative headaches are avoidable…if you know what to do.

Here to help you do precisely that is Richard Kirstein’s newly published book MUSIC RIGHTS WITHOUT FIGHTS (the first step-by-step guide for brand marketers to navigate music licensing and make smarter purchasing decisions). is giving away A FREE COPY to the FIRST FIVE readers to answer the fun music trivia below and submit them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 13 May 2016.

1) Which contemporary UK electronic dance music act comprises two brothers whose artist name relates to a legal process?

2) Which contemporary UK act (named after a calendar year) knocked Adele off the top of the UK album charts in February whilst simultaneously achieving the same spot in the US?

3) Which member of progressive rock band Yes played on the 1973 David Bowie track “Life On Mars”?

4) Which member of Pink Floyd had a UK No.1 album last year?

5) Which British 1990s Electronic Dance Music Act (with exceptional qualities but pyromania tendencies) had a UK No.1 album last year?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: UK-based Richard Kirstein is a leading independent expert on music rights buying for brands. During a career spanning over twenty years, he has brokered several thousand music licences, acting for both rights buyers and sellers. He is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK, Europe and the US. Following roles at Zomba Music Publishers and a joint venture with ad agency BBH, Richard founded Resilient Music LLP in 2010, a specialist consultancy with team members in London and New York. Resilient’s clients include some of the world’s largest consumer brands in the fashion, automotive, financial services and alcoholic beverage sectors. Connect with Richard on Twitter via @richardkirstein

ABOUT THE BOOK: MUSIC RIGHTS WITHOUT FIGHTS is the ultimate authoritative and comprehensive guide on how to navigate the music rights minefield written in uncomplicated English.

WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE BOOK: “Essential reading for client-side marketing and procurement music buyers who want to know the right questions to ask,” says Steve Lightfoot, Senior Manager – Global Marketing Procurement at the World Federation of Advertisers.

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