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TELEVISION: After a new Monty Python show (pictured) helped boost business at vintage-TV digital broadcaster UKTV, investing in original live content has become more than a bloody brilliant idea at the British company.

BOOKS: In recognition of the fictional and factual thrills brought to us by authors great and small as well as publishers corporate and independent, MediaTainment Finance is publishing its Top 10 most recommended books before 2015 ends - courtesy of guest contributor Jo Shindler.

ADVERTISING/TV: UK-based advertising behemoth WPP has seen the portal that opens into the industry’s future. And, CEO Sir Martin Sorrell says, the key unlocking that gateway is investment in TV and related intellectual properties (IP).

PRINT MEDIA: When print giants The New York Times, Financial Times and The Economist opt to invest heavily in video, assume digital disruption is here to stay. They disclosed their radical plans at Digital Media Strategies 2015.

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