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Digital technology is disrupting the creative sectors!
Read MediaTainment Finance, if you…

  • Are in business development within the international creative and creative-tech sectors
  • Want to understand how other creative sectors are responding to digital disruption
  • Manage a creative company that needs to know the financial value placed on the works of creative talents
  • Want to be informed of the latest developments within media, entertainment and creative technology
  • Believe creators deserve to make a decent living from their work
  • Need to understand how copyright issues are affected by new technologies


FILM: Post BAFTA and pre-Oscars, MediaTainment Finance is looking ahead at the movies (not necessarily the award-winning ones) to watch out for in 2015.

ADVERTISING: The following 15 individuals or groups combine innovative use of legacy and digital media, plus a dash of entertainment, to make their work engaging. Should appeal to advertisers searching for new ways to hook consumers… 

FILM: The funding of Yasukuni, the contentious documentary film recently re-released to coincide with China’s inaugural Memorial Day for the Nanjing Massacre in the 1930s, was a bitter experience. MTF asks director Li Ying why...

ADVERTISING: At the end of April 2014, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the world’s largest advertising conglomerate WPP Group, became the best paid boss of a FTSE 100 company in the UK. Despite his company almost losing the corporate crown in global advertising.

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