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TV/FILM: The UK screen-entertainment industry received a financial boost this month when Creative Scotland, the arts-and-creative-industries organisation, announced £95m (US$122m) was spent on the region’s film and TV in 2017.

MTF-PARTNER NEWS: Esports is already disrupting and revolutionising several industries around the globe. Experts believe that more is set to come. According to Newzoo, a global leader in esports intelligence, esports revenue is expected to grow to USD 1.5 billion by 2020 as the brand investment doubles.

ESPORTS: In the swiftly expanding global business of esports, the Malaysia-based international low-cost airline conglomerate AirAsia Group is remarkable for owning the AirAsia Allstars Esports Club, one of the region’s high-profile professional teams.

MUSIC: Artists need not be sold-out stadium superstars to make a profitable return for investors, declares Paul Pacifico, CEO of UK indie-labels organisation AIM. And it is about time tech-obsessed financiers opened their ears to hear why.

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