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We are the international business journal and analytics service specialising in the Media, Entertainment and Creative (MEC) sectors.

Film. Television. Music/Audio. Advertising/Marketing. Games. Sports. Live entertainment. Books/Print Media. Photography/Art. Fashion/Luxury. Architecture/Design. Related copyright issues


MediaTainment Finance (MTF) is the only business journal devoted to covering financial investments in the international creative sectors: regular updates online and on social media; weekly bulletins; quality PDF-friendly interactive magazines.


Our team’s many years’ experience in journalism, communications and publishing ensure we provide reliable research results for your investment projects.


From the archives of our publications and our exclusive MTF Monitor database, it is pretty obvious we know what we are talking about. We know how to explore, examine, study and scrutinise the facts, figures and fiction to extract what is really going on in the markets

We are targeting future-ready decision-makers who not only care about what is going on in their individual enterprises, but are also fascinated by developments in the related creative sectors. To grow their businesses today, they cannot avoid looking at the impact the other creative sectors will have tomorrow

We keep track of the significant financial deals impacting the current and future states of the MEC industries. We aim to answer who is buying what, when, where, how and why in the world’s constantly changing dynamic digital landscape.

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Juliana Koranteng

Juliana Koranteng

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Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Research Manager
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Mark Worden

Research Manager

Why We Are Different

MediaTainment Finance (MTF) is the only business journal of its kind in the world. By following investors’ activities, we are able to see into the future and assess forthcoming developments that could shape media, entertainment and creativity – industries that continue to represent a growing share of the world’s economies.

That is why MTF was one of the first publications to cover the fast-growing investments in esports, mobile-first serialised shows and drone racing before established business media started to focus on them.

Global industry growth continues to outpace GDP
PwC’s forecast of the US$2.1 trillion (in 2018) business in its Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2019 – 2023 report

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