MediaTainment Finance

Issue 16

Issue 16

  • Date: 2017-03-20


BRAZIL: The land that introduced the world to the Bossa Nova is about to host the World Cup and Olympic Games. Yet, it isn’t celebrating as citizens hit the streets to protest against misuse of power; so why do its creative businesses continue to inspire?

NITIN SAWHNEY: The prolific UK composer, producer, performer has his music played somewhere, sometime, all the time; the quintessential musician demonstrates how a dynamic career in popular music isn’t always about sales and downloads

ACTIVISION BLIZZARD: the most profitable video-games publisher became so successful, it could afford to buy itself out. Although the sector isn’t all dungeons and dragons, it is aggressively competitive, and the next generation of digital games could end up biting Activision where it hurts the most; learn why

THE BILLION DOLLAR BLAST: Paul Forrest’s positive track record in the precarious world of film funding is worth checking out. As well as giving tips on film financing, the Ecaveo Capital investor tells MTF why he would love to have backed Stanley Kubrick, the Tour de France and limited-edition Montblanc pens

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