MediaTainment Finance

Issue 17

Issue 17

  • Date: 2017-03-20


PIXAR: Disney’s profitable animation division still functions like an independent boutique operation that happens to still make billions for its parent company; would Pixar like to stay that way or would it prefer to fly UP on its own to Infinity and Beyond

CREATIVE FORUM: TV Gastronomy – how the fun in cooking has turned on-screen cuisine into big business; and Food Network’s European honcho Nick Thorogood explains why many are called but few are chosen as celebrity chefs!!

CREATIVE OPINION: Why are music-streaming services ignoring Google? asks Venture Harbour’s Marcus Taylor, the UK digital-marketing executive. He questions whether digital platforms like Spotify and Deezer are missing a trick by not using the contentious search-engine giant as a legitimate discovery tool for music fans

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