MediaTainment Finance

Issue 18

Issue 18

  • Date: 2017-03-20


HOLITION: Thanks to its ground-breaking use of digital technology, high-end brands for clients, and forecasts that the global number of smartphones will triple to 5.6 billion units by 2019, UK digital creative agency Holition plans to spearhead the luxury-retail business of the future. Check out how in this Q&A interview

THE BILLION DOLLAR BLAST: Julio Fraile is the joint partner and co-CEO at Luxembourg-based GD Entertainment Fund, a new investment vehicle targeting TV, film and games producers. With his fantasy US$1bn in the bank, the business’ hectic pace has whetted Fraile’s appetite for action movies, priceless Spanish works of art and fine vintage wine

In the Full Edition Discover… New Digests: The Latest Investments in the Creative Sectors: Film, TV, music, architecture/ design, out-of-home entertainment, books/print, ads & marketing, sport, games, fashion/luxury, photography/art, copyright.

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