MediaTainment Finance

Issue 20

Issue 20

  • Date: 2017-03-20


JOIZ: the Zurich-headquartered multi-platform social-TV service is not depending on only music to keep young audiences jubilant and joyful. It could be because the targeted youth is both a contributor and a viewer. And advertisers seem to like that a lot

DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS: once famous for only quirky cable-TV documentaries, this multinational media group is mutating into one of the most inspired entertainment-content creators and owners. How Discovery discovered its enterprisingly creative mojo

CREATIVE ANALYSIS: Many of the all-time English-language recorded classics by anyone who mattered, from Frank Sinatra to Nina Simone, originated in the French language. As Charles Aznavour celebrates his 90th birthday this year, music journalist Chris White points out there is more to fantastic French hits than Daft Punk

THE BILLION DOLLAR BLAST: Barry Shrier, CEO of UK-based Liquity, the online trading platform for private-company shares, is a hot-shot entrepreneur who would happily invest in creative works by rebels: From The Rolling Stones to Ancient Greek philosopher Plato via rapper Eminem. See why on

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