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CREATIVE VENTURE: Superman #1 (published in 1939)
Background info: a first edition of superhero comic starring Superman, auctioned by, New York City, New York, US, North America
Investor/s: Anonymous
Amount: US$2.6m
Seller/s: Mark Michaelson (US-based comics fan)
Financial lowdown: A rare copy of Superman #1, the very first issue of the comic series dedicated to the “Man of Steel”, was snapped up in December 2021 for US$2.6m at the US ComicConnect online auction. It cost only 10 cents when published by the now-defunct National Comics Publications (DC Comics today) in 1939. The ComicConnect seller bought it in 1979 for an undisclosed price but had kept its pristine condition in a temperature-controlled safe. Superman had already appeared in another comic series called Action Comics in 1938 (an original copy of that edition sold for US$3.25m in April 2021). But, in Action Comics, Superman was just one in an anthology of different stories.
Buyer’s gain: The demand for the original superhero stories in the print format has soared as young Gen Z consumers flock to watch superhero movies.
Seller’s gain: Michaelson’s move to sell after 40-plus years has definitely made him a millionaire now.
Industry takeaway: Print media is not dying, just evolving into a new valuable format as confirmed when a 1962 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, when Spider-Man as we know him made his debut, sold for a record US$3.6m in September 2021.
Other creative sectors impacted: Digital media; Movies; Television; Video Games
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CREATIVE VENTURE: Bad Wolf Ltd (majority stake)
Background info: TV production venture, based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, Europe
Investor/s: Sony Pictures Television (SPT)
Amount: UK£60m (US$81m) – an estimate
Seller/s: Bad Wolf Ltd; Sky plc; HBO; Access Entertainment
Financial lowdown: SPT, part of Sony Group Corporation’s sprawling entertainment division, has snapped up a majority stake in Bad Wolf, an independent TV-drama creator formed in 2015. Based in Cardiff, Wales, it has since grown into a highly acclaimed award-winning producer of global drama hits like fantasy series His Dark Materials, based on the Philip Pullman novels. Bad Wolf also owns a popular Wales-based stage facility (Wolf Studios Wales) and 30% in a US division called Bad Wolf America. SPT’s majority includes buying out the 24.9% stake owned by Access Entertainment, part of global conglomerate Access Industries; plus another 10% belonging to a partnership formed by UK TV company Sky and its US counterpart HBO. The Welsh government financially supported the launch of Wolf Studios Wales.
Buyer’s gain: SPT hikes its interests in UK-based TV-production firms, which include Left Bank Pictures (bought in 2012), Silvergate Media (2019), The Whisper Group (2020) and Eleven (2020).
Seller’s gain: Bad Wolf founders Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner plus the management make money while remaining significant minority shareholders.
Industry takeaway: As in the music industry, TV independents continue to feed the growth of entertainment multinationals.
Other creative sectors impacted: Books/Print Media; Film/Video; Special Effects
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