INVESTMENT: Welcome to MediaTainment Finance the Bulletin, the newsletter dedicated to the deals and transactions at the epicentre of investments in the international media, entertainment and creative (MEC) sectors. Click on this image for a free sample copy.

MTF the Bulletin is an offshoot of MediaTainment Finance (MTF), the only business journal covering the funding of MEC industries globally and the related copyright issues.

The original MTF reports the investment news stories, interviews decision makers and analyses the implications by exploring potential growth, from the ventures’ income to their record in innovation, from consumer uptake to adoption by other businesses.

MTF the Bulletin, which also complements our data-analysis platform MTF Monitor, offers more frequent coverage of the investment-news stories.

MTF the Bulletin keeps tracks of investments and funding in the following sectors:-
Advertising/Marketing; Architecture/Design; Audio; Alternate Reality; Fashion/Luxury; Books/Print Media; Film/Video; Gaming; Music; Out-of-Home Entertainment; Photography/Art; Sports; Television

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